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Home Weatherization Houston

Weatherization is a process whereby it makes a building energy efficient. Weatherization is one of the easiest ways to increase comfort levels, and thereby saves money.  Weatherization brings in energy savings to the tune of $1.83 for households for every dollar spent. Taking into account energy and non energy benefits, the total return comes to around $2.69 for every dollar spent.  

Weatherization Houston Process:

  • Air leak detection

  • Installation of insulation in ceilings, walls, and floors

  • Replacement of old doors with tight sealing doors

  • Replacement of old windows with double glazed ones

When weatherization is done there are economic, environmental, and social benefits. Weatherization Houston has reduced energy needs to residential areas. This in turn has reduced emission levels associated with air pollution. Housepro Weatherization has provided a long term solution especially for low income group, when it comes to energy bills. This protects low income group from rising energy costs. Call us today and see the Weatherization difference.