Heating Repair and Maintenance Houston

Heating Houston meets all heating repair needs as we have certified and skilled technicians at our disposal. Size of the room and number of rooms are considered before a decision is taken. Our technicians conduct preseason checks. 

Heating Houston Services:

  • Installing of heating system

  • Repair of Heating system

  • Installation of humidifiers

  • Repair of humidifiers

  • Boiler cleaning

  • Replacement of radiators

  • Cleaning of air ducts

  • Sealing of leaks

  • Inspection of safety controls

  • Cleaning of air filters

Heating Houston technicians provide a quick and accurate assessment of your heating system. Residents of Houston depend on us for delivering quality solutions at a competitive rate. We provide heating solutions for an array of heating problems. Customers trust and rely on us for the professional service we offer. We provide annual maintenance contract, and along with this we evaluate the heating system for its efficiency. Housepro Heating Houston is a one stop solution for all your heating needs. Call us today and see the difference in heating.