AC Replacement

Air Conditioning Tune-up Houston

Getting an air conditioner tuned by Air Conditioning Tune-up Houston on a regular basis keeps the unit in prime condition and its runs longer.  Air conditioning units need regular and proper maintenance so that it assures customers of cost efficiency.  By providing quality inspection we will be able to advise you on issues that need repair or tune-up.   

Tune-up Houston Inspection:

  • Inspecting the compressor

  • Inspection of refrigeration level

  • Tightening up electrical connections

  • Inspecting condenser coil unit

  • Cleaning or replacing of air filter

  • Inspection of thermostat for regular calibration

  • Checking for high, low voltage connections

  • Measuring of air flow

  • Testing and inspection of safety controls

  • Inspection of ducts

  • Conducts energy audit on AC system

  • Operating efficiency is assessed

  • Check for system efficiency

  • Inspection of safety fuses

Housepro Air-conditioning tuneup Houston provides customers with annual maintenance, which promises customers of two tune-up services. Call us today and see the difference in tune-up.